About Abaco

Expertise and professionalism differentiate us in the market.

For over 25 years, we have been supporting and guiding Public and Private Clients in the world of Real Estate and Property Services, guaranteeing: technical and strategic support in all phases of extraordinary real estate operations (Audit and HSE), dynamic and sustainable management of large real estate portfolios (Property & Facility Management), integrated services of real estate valuation and credit risk analysis (Loan Services).

More recently, we have also made a name for ourselves in the world of Engineering, offering a series of transversal services that govern the entire construction process, from conception and design, to Works Management, Third-Party Controls and Independent Checking up to Project Management during execution.
We represent the most effective solution to the rapid evolution of market trends, regulations and technological innovations.


Gabetti Group

Being the Real Estate Service Company of the Gabetti Group allows us to combine different and complementary skills in a homogeneous framework that can be governed in synergy with other teams, generating innovative and successful solutions.  For every asset class (living, office, hospitality, retail, NPLs) we are able to operate as a single reference point in each phase of the real estate transaction life cycle and throughout the country.

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We believe in the specialisation of personal and professional skills. Our organisational model is geared towards educating cohesive, motivated and prepared multidisciplinary teams that interact in a dynamic and integrated manner to drive the performance of the initiatives managed, create tangible value and promote growth, identifying solutions and opportunities consistent with the objectives shared with Clients.

We know that the continuous evolution of the real estate market can be effectively governed through a business model with a strong propensity to apply the most advanced technological innovations and the ability to “see the overall picture”, integrating advanced resources, processes and services with a responsible and shared approach.

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“We take care of our Clients, supporting them in defining and achieving their goals, thanks to dynamic and developing know-how. Our mission is to offer customised and certified solutions of excellence and to develop opportunities from the technical, economic and financial standpoint.”


Our people and their expertise

Education, integration and sharing of knowledge

Commitment and personal responsibility

Passion and the values of inclusion and sustainability

Our numbers

Technicians on the territory
Due diligence
Building and cadastral practices
Energy certifications
€6,4 mld
Value of managed properties
14 mln mq
Total area of properties managed
Property units managemed
Tenants managed
Loan services
Retail appraisals
Corporate appraisals
+170 mln
Value of works subject to planning, DL (Works Supervision) & safety at corporate level
Assets subject to planning at corporate level
+2 mln
Value of works subject to planning, DL (Works Supervision) & safety at retail level
Assets subject to planning at retail level

Where we are

We work throughout the entire country, backed by our network structure that allows us to guarantee efficiency and speed.


Head offices

Milan and Rome

Regional offices

distributed from North to South Italy

Regional technicians

especially in decentralized areas with respect to the Group's offices

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