Our Commitment



Dear Stakeholders,

Let’s go and take the future. Let us proceed with diligence along a path marked by continuous growth, without fearing the uncertainties and difficulties brought about by a future that is “not what it used to be”, but which unfolds before us with such exponential acceleration that it surprises even those who are most prepared. 

Fully aware that the number of variables makes any prediction difficult, we are equally convinced that the best form of improvisation is that of preparation: we are therefore preparing ourselves, with targeted actions and strategies aimed at anticipating events and guided by an approach strongly oriented towards social and environmental responsibility.

This is where the true challenge of our professional future begins. The need for sustainable solutions driven by increasingly stringent regulations calls on the entire real estate industry to adopt a new strategic positioning, fostering and promoting “ESG Awareness” through the adoption of ad hoc organisational solutions, integration of green product offerings and inclusion of specific responsible investment policies in its corporate strategy.

Abaco Team’s sensitivity to these issues, demonstrated by its habit of operating with standards and protocols that comply with voluntary international regulations (ISO 9001 “Quality Management System”, ISO14001 “Environmental Management System” and ISO 45001 “Workplace Safety Management System”) has allowed us to move quickly and effectively towards a new level of awareness, in which the transition towards more sustainable models is not only a necessity but a commitment to Society and to the Environment in which we live.

The Abaco team has embarked on a virtuous path that will see us committed over the next few years and which will be characterised by a series of step-by-step goals, to be achieved in continuity, involving all of our stakeholders in order to identify the issues on which to base an improvement plan for our business model. 

In its most recent history, Abaco has achieved extraordinary results, showing undisputed capability in the Property & Facility sectors and acting as a leading point of reference for technical services.  It has expanded its scope in the appraisal world of Credit Institutes and has optimised on its excellent organisational capacity to build a vigorous engineering structure. With its innate aptitude for “creating” new services, anticipating and innovating the market, Abaco has developed an ESG ranking model to assess the degree of sustainability of assets and real estate investments, applying it both to Due Diligence (to identify interventions that can improve the index and increase the value of the property) and appraisals, as a Credit Risk Mitigation tool.

We have taken a specific path and, as we walk along it, we describe our vision and share our values. In accordance with Agenda 2030, we are committed to ensuring employment and economic growth by favouring social inclusion and equal opportunities, ensuring maximum protection of people within the workplace, operating with the utmost respect for the environment and with standards of ethics and regulatory compliance for data security, and continuing to benefit local communities through a business model disseminated throughout the territory.

The integration of ESG policies and metrics into our management system is a crucial step in ensuring that our commitment to the profitable growth of Abaco and of the Gabetti Group is also a commitment to actively and positively contribute to the environmental and social challenges of our times.

Roberto Busso, Gabetti Group’s CEO



In compliance with Agenda 2030, we agree to:

  • Guarantee work and economic growth in full respect of human rights, favouring social inclusion and equal opportunities for all workers and planning suitable training courses to enhance the different skills of our resources;
  • Improve the work environment by guaranteeing quality and safety for maximum protection of our employees;
  • Operate with the utmost respect for the environment by promoting sustainable consumption models and raising awareness on the correct use of natural resources, with particular attention to emissions and energy savings;
  • Always operate according to strict standards of ethics and regulatory compliance, guaranteeing data security and privacy;
  • Continue to benefit local communities through a business model disseminated throughout the territory.

Future challenges:

  • Integrating ESG policies and metrics into a sustainability management system
  • Increasingly involving stakeholders in setting up future corporate action plans
  • Investing in new technologies to offer quality services that are increasingly integrated with ESG concepts

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